Founded in 2000 Light-Stream Cable Technologies was based on owner Dave Marcoux’s experience in the industry since 1990.

Since then we have worked through many changes to the cable based communications industry, and have built a business committed to growing with new technologies.

We are a quality driven company that takes great pride in our work. Our commitment is to growing with new technologies and our clients.

At Light-Stream Cable Technologies this is not a job. Its what we are passionate about. Call us and see for yourself.

Light-Stream Cable Technologies Inc. brings decades of experience to each and every job. We have worked through many changes in the cable communications industry, and are proud to bring that experience to your project. Based in Sudbury but serving all of Ontario.



Light-Stream Cable Technology Inc. provides clients with quality cabling and fibre optic solutions backed by experience and a sense of professional pride. We provide a variety of services such as:

  • installations of wall/rack mount panels
  • splicing using fibre optic fusion sets for single and muli-mode, buffer tube and ribbon fibre
  • experience with all types of fibre optic enclosures – Raychem – preformed products, etc.
  • splicing equipment – Sumitomo, Secour, Fujikura
  • testing and documentation available of all circuits and links with EXFO and Nettest test gear
  • power measurement testing
  • end to end loss measurements
  • indoor and outdoor splicing

With the growing demands of secure networks, customers have a higher demand for network integrity. As well, new and emerging communication technologies create further needs for solutions driven companies. Light-Stream Cable Technologies understand these needs. Services include:

  • interior or exterior running of fibre optic lines commercial locations
  • CAT 5 cabling (ethernet)
  • coaxial
  • single and multi mode fibre
  • testing and documentation

At Light-Stream Cable Technologies we have the experience you need to get the job done right.

Innovation sometimes means that two technologies are merged to provide a wider variety of services. One of our specialties is HFC (hybrid fibre and coaxial) system rebuilds.

With coaxial cable we are experienced with:

  • all related equipment
  • Coaxial implementation of all electronics
  • setup and sweep testing to ensure balance
  • end of the line measurements for documentation
  • drop replacement at customers premises (demarkation point)

As well we work with implementation and balancing of all types of fibre optic nodes


When you call Light-Stream Cable Technologies you get access to decades of experience when you need it the most. Our emergency restoration services are quick, responsive and built on decades of experience. We get your network up and running fast.

We provide:

  • restoration of fibre optic systems
  • disaster restoration (ice storm, high winds, extreme weather)
  • HFC restoration